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The Microsoft Arc Mouse is an excellent ambidextrous travel mouse, but it is unsuitable for other tasks. It has a lightweight, small design and supports Bluetooth communication, so you don’t have to worry about losing a receiver. It’s reasonably comfortable, but if you have really large hands, it can be a little too tiny. Unfortunately, this isn’t a decent gaming mouse due to its significant click latency and only one programmable button. The Pro IntelliMouse refines and improves on the original contemporary IntelliMouse, making it one of the best no-frills mice available.

Microsoft Wireless Arc Mouse

Microsoft Pro Intellimouse

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  • Unique, folding design, Wireless USB receiver snaps into the bottom for transport
  • Offers good control, Is very comfortable in the hand
  • Compact and portable design fits perfectly in your hand easy to connect and use
  • Pretty design and incredibly compact size. Comes with a travel pouch!
  • Attractive design, Good performance, Very portable
    Light; convenient folding body for travel; good response from buttons and wheel; long operational range; comfortable matte finish; tiny receiver; comes in red; ambidextrous
  • Looks, Performance
  • Sleek and stylish design, Folding, collapsible design turns mouse on/off, Includes carrying pouch
  • Folding design, Long battery life, Good wireless range
  • Innovative, functional design, Very comfortable shape, Suitable for users with repetitive stress injuries, Compact USB dongle, Flawless glossy paint finish with rubberized sides and underside, Long purported battery life, Elegant carry case included, Mous
  • Cool and creative design; snap-in mini receiver adds to portability; laser sensor
  • Full-size mouse that folds smaller than most notebook mice. Virtually weightless.
  • Extra tiny receiver can stow beneath mouse when not in use.
  • Sharp precision
  • Unique appearance; collapsible design saves bag space and secures wireless receiver; easy to set up
  • Fantastic sensor performance
  • Great choice of materials
  • Excellent build quality
  • Good buttons
  • Community-renown, classic shape
  • Comfortable for palm gripping with even large hands
  • No rechargeable option, Some owners complain of reliability issues
  • Operating range
  • Back button is poorly placed I would have liked a trackball
  • Very uncomfortable shape. Odd sensor placement makes cursor control tricky
  • Awkward side button, A bit pricey
  • May be a little small or light for some hands; slight right-handed orientation for side button to work with thumb
  • High price
  • Uncomfortable to use after prolonged use, Awkward and hard to reach side button
  • Sensitivity may be too low for some users, Lag is a factor with small movements
  • Can’t track on a glass desk, Lack of heft takes some getting used to, Left side button next to impossible to press, Scroll wheel only scrolls vertically and makes cheap sounds, Mouse not rechargeable
  • Clunky software affects scrolling
  • Relies on AAA batteries with no recharge option. Cannot be used when hinge is folded
  • Side button hard to use with a standard mouse grip
  • Stock mouse feet could be better
  • No replacement feet included
  • No wireless option
  • Specifications
  • Microsoft Wireless Arc Mouse
  • Microsoft Pro Intellimouse
Key Specs
Lighting Type: None RGB
Maximum Sensitivity: 1000 dots per inch 16000 dots per inch
Number of Buttons (Total): 2 5
Wireless: Yes No
Mouse Type: Arch Gaming
Mouse Operation: Button(s), Touch scroll Button(s), Scroll wheel
Mouse Grip Style: Palm grip Ergonomic
Handedness: Ambidextrous Right-handed
Tracking Method: BlueTrack Optical
Adjustable Weight: No No
Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth -
Wired Connectivity: - USB Type A (USB 2.0 Gen1)
Operating System Compatibility: Windows Windows
Plug and Play Operation: Yes Yes
Product Height: 0.56 inches 1.7 inches
Product Width: 2.17 inches 2.7 inches
Product Weight: 82.49 grams 140.05 grams

This article will take you through the comparison between Microsoft Arch vs Pro IntelliMouse. All the details and features that you need to know.


Microsoft Arc

The Microsoft Arc Mouse has a straightforward, compact design. It compresses to a flat shape for more accessible transportation when traveling. Depending on the store, it is available in a range of colors. Good construction quality. The clipping mechanism that locks the mouse into a flat or arched shape feels sturdy, but the latex material that covers the back section of the mouse may be more prone to wear and tear. With its default setting, this mouse is pretty light. The lightest lithium AAA cells, rather than conventional AAA batteries, are used to achieve the Lowest Weight result.

Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless Mouse | Microsoft Accessories

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse

The Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse is a current upgrade of Microsoft’s original IntelliMouse, which was released in 1996 and shared its right-handed ergonomic design. Our apartment has a grey palette transitioning from black in the front to gray-silver near the back. It also boasts grippy rubberized sides, side buttons, and the scroll wheel, as well as one RGB lighting zone in a strip down the bottom at the back. The Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse has a well-made solid plastic body. The scroll wheel wobbles a little, and the mouse makes a rattling noise when shaken, but this should not cause any problems in regular operation.

Buy the Customizable Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse - Microsoft Store


Microsoft Arc

The Microsoft Arc Mouse is ambidextrous and has good overall ergonomics. It cannot be used with a fingertip grasp, but it is suitable for most hand sizes. The Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse is highly portable. It comfortably fits in your pocket or bag when collapsed to the “off” position. If you want a more traditional-looking mouse that is also portable, consider the Logitech Pebble M350.

Microsoft trình làng chuột Surface Arc Mouse, chỉ tương thích với máy có  kết nối Bluetooth 4.0, giá 79 USD

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse

Based on Microsoft’s original IntelliMouse, the Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse offers an ergonomic right-handed form. This version has grippy edges with a rubberized surface, but the mouse is too large for little hands. Small hands may struggle to utilize the Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse comfortably with a palm grip due to its enormous size. Those with small hands may have difficulties using this mouse comfortably with a claw grip due to its massive size since it may necessitate an unnatural hand position. With a fingertip grip, small or medium-sized hands may have difficulty reaching the front side button.


Microsoft Arc

The Microsoft Arc Mouse is only available via Bluetooth. The mouse does not have a standard on/off switch; instead, it can only be turned off by snapping it to the flat position. This mouse does not come with a cable because it cannot be recharged and cannot be used wirelessly.

Surface Arc Mouse review: A beautiful peripheral that's ultimately  underwhelming | Windows Central

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse

The Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse is a wired-only model that does not support wireless connectivity. The braided cable has a high-quality feel and is more flexible than typical braided cables. Unfortunately, it is not as flexible as paracord-like cables and retains packing kinks.

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse Review: Retro Design, For Better or Worse |  Digital Trends


Microsoft Arc

This mouse has several buttons, which are sufficient for travel. It identifies motions such as a three-finger click, which can be programmed to do nearly anything. Depending on which hand you use, you can also swap the left and right mouse buttons. This mouse has a short click latency and is unpredictable. When using this mouse for normal browsing or productivity tasks, you should not notice any apparent delays. Unfortunately, it is unsuitable for gaming, particularly reaction-based or competitive games. Despite the lack of a physical mouse wheel, the Microsoft Arc Mouse understands vertical and horizontal scrolling gestures.

Microsoft Introduces New Surface Arc Mouse with Surface Laptop, Priced at  $79.9

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse

The mouse wheel clicks, both side buttons can be programmed, and the left and right mouse buttons can be swapped. There are a maximum of five CPI profiles that you can configure using the program, and you can assign a button to cycle between these profiles. In games, you can also program a mouse button to do a “fast turn” to spin your character in the other direction, but this must be calibrated for each game. The polling rate of the Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse can be changed to 125Hz, 500Hz, or 1000Hz. The Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse’s scroll wheel is precise and has well-defined steps. However, it is a touch loud. You may also change the pace of the scrolling with the program.


Microsoft Arc

The available Microsoft Mouse as well as Keyboard Center software performs admirably, but it is only compatible with newer Windows PCs and offers few settings.
The Microsoft Arc Mouse is entirely compatible with Windows PCs, although several capabilities, such as the three-finger click, do not work correctly on macOS.

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse

The software features a modern-looking design, but most settings are in a single menu, making navigation cumbersome. The Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse has no macOS software option, although all the mouse’s default features work as expected.


Microsoft Arc

The Microsoft Arc Mouse is a good office and multimedia mouse. It has good ergonomics and fits most hands, but if you have very large hands, it may be too tiny. It has a decent build quality with no significant flaws, and it has outstanding portability, making it ideal for carrying in a laptop bag. The Microsoft Arc Mouse is insufficient for first-person shooter gameplay. It has exceptionally high click latency and cannot be connected for decreased latency. Although it has good ergonomics, it may not be comfortable for extended play sessions or if you have extensive hands.

Microsoft's Surface Arc Mouse is interesting

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse

The Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse is adequate for use in the office. It feels well-made and features an ergonomic right-handed design well-suited to all grip types; nevertheless, its enormous size precludes it from being suitable for smaller hands. However, it has only a few customizable inputs and cannot be used remotely. Also, there are no L/R tilt controls on the scroll wheel, and it does not unlock for free scrolling.

Arch vs Pro IntelliMouse

The Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse is an excellent first-person shooter gaming mouse. It boasts a well-built feel, mouse feet that glide nicely on mousepads, and an ergonomic form that is appropriate for all grip types, though only for larger hands. It also boasts a wide CPI range, a CPI that can be adjusted in 50-point increments, and a relatively short lift-off distance. Sadly, it is somewhat heavy, and the cord is not very flexible. Furthermore, while the click latency is low, it may not feel responsive enough for some gamers.


The Microsoft Arc Mouse is a good office and multimedia mouse. It has good ergonomics and fits most hands, but if you have very large hands, it may be too tiny. Based on Microsoft’s original IntelliMouse, the Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse is a good FPS gaming mouse. It’s well-made and keeps the original’s iconic ergonomic design. Also, it includes rubberized sides, two side buttons on the left, and a single RGB zone along the bottom at the back. It has a large CPI range, a CPI that can be adjusted in increments of 50, and a relatively short lift-off distance. It also has a low click latency, though some gamers may prefer a faster choice. Sadly, it is a heavy mouse in comparison to many similar, more recent gaming mice, its cord isn’t very flexible, and the companion software isn’t macOS compatible.

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