ASUS ROG Chakram vs Spatha- Buy The Best

The ASUS ROG Chakram mouse is a one-of-a-kind gaming mouse with a highly customizable design and a programmable joystick on the left side. It comes with multiple switches in case you wish to replace the stock ones, and you can even use the included white badge to replace the ROG logo with your own creative design. As a result, the ASUS ROG Spatha X is a robust, well-built mouse with a plethora of first-rate capabilities. It is a luxury product, as evidenced by the price tag, developed specifically for certain categories of gamers that play titles such as MMOs and the like.

ASUS ROG Chakram


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  • Joystick is a pleasure to use and super responsive
  • Replaceable OMRON switches with spares and tool included
  • Comfortable and well built
  • Extensive range of customisation
  • Can be wired or wireless
  • Excellent build quality
  • Great for people with large hands
  • Plastic side grips, would have liked to see something more tactile
  • Pricey
  • Very expensive
  • Lacks size or weight adjustment
  • Specifications
  • ASUS ROG Chakram
  • ASUS ROG Spatha
Key Specs
Lighting Type: None -
Maximum Sensitivity: 16000 dots per inch 19000 dots per inch
Wireless: Yes Yes
System Requirements: Windows 10 Windows
Mouse Type: Gaming Gaming
Mouse Operation: Other Other
Tracking Method: Optical Optical
Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth Radio Frequency (RF)
Product Height: 1.7 inches 1 4/5 inches
Product Width: 3 inches 3 1/2 inches
Product Weight: 121.62 grams 168.11 grams

This article is will help you find the best between ASUS ROG Chakram vs Spatha. So, let’s get started with the design and built of both these products.


ASUS ROG Chakram

The ASUS ROG Chakram is a black mouse with a semi-transparent thumb rest and a unique joystick button. There is only one RGB zone, which controls the lights on the scroll wheel, rear logo, and front strip. The top cover, click button covers, and the joystick is magnetically attached to the body, allowing them to be readily removed for modification. You can replace the switches and joysticks using the replacements included in the box. You can also use the provided white badge to replace the ROG logo badge on the back with your personalized design.

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The ASUS ROG Chakram has a solid build quality. Its body is comprised of a strong, semi-transparent black plastic with little elasticity. Despite having so many replaceable pieces, it does not rattle, and nothing is loose. The magnetic hooks that hold the top cover in place are very effective, although they can be difficult to align properly in order to fasten it back into place. The ASUS ROG Chakram weighs a lot. While you could technically remove the top cover and click covers to make the mouse lighter, it would be incredibly uncomfortable. The logo badge and joystick can also be removed, but neither is heavy enough to make a significant impact on overall weight.


Comparatively between ASUS ROG Chakram vs Spatha, the ASUS ROG Spatha is a one-of-a-kind MMO gaming mouse. Its design is matte black, with three RGB zones on the wheel, logo, and side buttons. It’s pretty substantial, with massive side buttons and strong corners. The ASUS ROG Spatha mouse has a pretty robust feel to it. The mouse’s basic frame is metal, and nothing is loose or unsteady. This mouse should be able to resist a few accidental bumps or dips without being harmed. The ASUS ROG Spatha gaming mouse is substantial. Other than utilizing it wirelessly, which reduces the weight of the cord, there is no weight optimization.

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ASUS ROG Chakram

Right-handed folks with medium to extra-large hands should find the ASUS Chakram highly comfortable. It has a thumb rest on the left side and good textured side grips. Generally, the buttons feel well-placed and easy to reach, but the joystick feels too forward, making it difficult to reach with any grip type. When used with a palm grip, it is adequate for most hand sizes, but persons with small hands may struggle to reach the joystick. While using with a claw grip, it fits most hand sizes, but persons with small hands may struggle to reach the joystick. When used with a fingertip grip, it is acceptable for big and extra-large hand sizes. However, persons with small and medium hands may struggle to reach the joystick.

ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review - Latest in Tech


Although it is built for right-handed use, the ergonomics of this mouse are fantastic. While the mouse appears enormous and unwieldy, all the buttons line up beautifully with your hand when you use it, as long as you don’t have small hands. The sides’ grips are also quite comfortable to rest your pinky and thumb on. Except for people with little hands, this mouse is easy to use with a palm grip. Little hands may struggle to reach the two top side buttons due to the large size.

Except for people with small hands, this mouse works nicely with a claw grip. Little hands may struggle to reach the two top side buttons due to the large size. The Fingertip grip is only recommended for those with large or extra-large hands when using this mouse. While persons with medium hands may be able to use this mouse with this grip type, it is unlikely to be pleasant, and there may be better alternatives available.


ASUS ROG Chakram

The wireless versatility of the ASUS Chakram is exceptional. It can be used via Bluetooth or with its USB receiver. It also supports Qi charging (wireless induction charging). Thus it can charge wirelessly with a suitable mouse pad or charger. It has a rechargeable battery that ASUS claims can last 79 hours without the RGB illumination, but we haven’t tested this. The braided cable that comes with the ASUS Chakram is OK, although it is stiff and retains kinks from the packaging.

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The ASUS ROG Spatha is a wireless mouse with a big receiver that also serves as a charging platform for the battery. You may configure the RGB illumination to inform you when your battery is low, and you can also configure a standby mode to assist in conserving battery life. Using the provided USB cord, the mouse can also be used while charging. Check out the ASUS ROG Chakram if you’re looking for a Bluetooth mouse. With the provided micro-USB cable, the ASUS ROG Spatha can be used while charging. The cable is braided and seems sturdy, despite being stiff and inflexible. It’s also a long connection, so unless your computer is far away, it can get in the way. ASUS also provided a connection for connecting the receiver/charging base.

ASUS ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse Review | Play3r


ASUS ROG Chakram

There are 11 buttons on the ASUS Chakram. Apart from the CPI switching and pairing buttons, they are all remappable. However, you must first assign a left-click function to another button before remapping the left-click button. It contains a unique joystick on the left side that can be set to serve as an analog stick, allowing you to move freely in any direction, or as a digital joystick, allowing you to move it in four directions: up, down, left, and right. While computing the number of buttons, we counted the four directions of the joystick as four separate buttons. The ASUS ROG Chakram has a good click latency. While it is somewhat costly compared to other solutions, it should be responsive enough for most individuals.

Asus ROG Chakram Core Gaming Mouse Review
Nonetheless, it is frustratingly high when compared to Bluetooth. The ASUS Chakram features a wide CPI range that can be modified in 100 CPI increments. It has a reasonably consistent sensor whether you move quickly or slowly, albeit it tends to undershoot somewhat when moving quickly and overshoot slightly when going slowly. It has a very short minimum lift-off distance, so when you relocate your mouse, the sensor should not detect your movement. There are four polling rates to choose from: 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz.


The button layout of the ASUS ROG Spatha is amazing. It includes six programmable side buttons, two more on top, and its up and down scrolls can be set as well. While it doesn’t have as many side buttons as other MMO mice, six is more than adequate for most people and may be easier to remember. The ASUS ROG Spatha offers a low click latency, whether connected or wireless.
Check out the Corsair M65 PRO RGB if you want a similar mouse with a fixed CPI that you can alter in one-step increments and a sniper button for moving to a new CPI level while holding the button.


ASUS ROG Chakram

The ASUS ROG Chakram is ideal for office use and is well-built. When used with a claw or palm grip, it fits most hand sizes. It contains two side buttons as well as a one-of-a-kind, customizable joystick. Regrettably, it does not have L/R tilt buttons, and its scroll wheel cannot be unlocked for limitless scrolling. The ASUS ROG Chakram is adequate for first-person shooter gameplay. Whether used with a claw or palm grip, it seems well-made and fits most hand sizes.

The lift-off distance is quite short, making it ideal for repositioning your mouse while gaming. It has a one-of-a-kind, programmable joystick that can be set to behave like an analog stick or a four-direction digital stick. However, the mouse is rather hefty, and its braided cord has several kinks in it. The click latency is merely acceptable and pretty high in comparison to some other possibilities. Furthermore, the CPI adjustment steps aren’t as exact as those in other FPS mice.


The ASUS ROG Spatha office mouse is excellent. It boasts excellent ergonomics and feels exceptionally well-made, making it ideal for all-day use. It also features many buttons that may be configured to assist you in fast navigating through your desktop or business software. Regrettably, this is a huge mouse that is not suitable for persons with smaller hands. The ASUS ROG Spatha mouse is a good choice for FPS games. While it has reduced click latency and a reasonably large configurable CPI range, it is somewhat weighty, which may make it unsuitable for FPS games. On the plus side, it’s quite comfy and well-made, so it should handle long gaming marathons. Regrettably, this is a huge mouse that is not suitable for persons with smaller hands. Buy Asus ROG Spatha Wireless Gaming Mouse Online at Low Prices  in India | ASUS Reviews & Ratings


Both the ASUS ROG Spatha and the ASUS ROG Chakram are good first-person shooter gaming mice. The Spatha has a wider CPI range that can be fine-tuned, and its sensor is significantly more consistent. It also features more programmable buttons and the ability to configure a profile switching button. The Chakram, on the other hand, has a unique design that allows you to replace out the click switches and personalise the RGB logo with your own design. In addition, the Chakram is substantially lighter and smaller.

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