How to Connect Smart Watch with Phone

Wearing a smartwatch has become a fashion statement in recent years, but it is also enjoyable to use because it performs the functions of both a watch and a fitness band. You can manage calls, respond to messages, get navigation assistance, and even track your health. This can be done even if your phone is not in your hand. There are more capabilities on your smartwatch that you may try out, but first, you must link it to your phone. The process to Connect Smart Watch with Phone is a simple process.

Using an Android Wear smartwatch with an Android device

  • Download the “Wear OS by Google Smartwatch” app from the Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your watch.
  • Launch the Wear OS software on your phone and complete the first setup process. Hit the “I agree” button.
  • “Switch on Bluetooth and Location” should appear as a pop-up. Hit the “Turn on” button.
  • Tap your watch’s name. You will receive a code on your phone and must keep an eye on it. On both devices, tap the “Pair” button.
  • A successful connection notice will now appear. Sign in to your Google account now.
  • To use your smartwatch, select “Allow notifications,” “Sync calendar,” “Allow messages,” and so on.

Google expanded support for linking Android watches with iPhones with the release of Wear OS. To couple devices, you must have an iPhone 5 or later model that is running iOS 9 or later.

Here’s how to pair your Android watch with your iPhone:

Using an Android Wear smartwatch with an iPhone

  • On your iPhone, install the “Wear OS by Google – Smartwatch” app. The software is free to download from the App Store.
  • Turn your smartwatch’s Bluetooth on.
  • On your iPhone, go to Settings and then Bluetooth. Wait for your watch to appear on your iPhone.
  • Accept the Bluetooth pairing request by tapping on the watch model you’re pairing.
  • Sign in to your Google account after pairing.
  • Enable notifications, location, messages, calendar access, etc.
Connect Smart Watch with Phone

After you’ve finished paring and syncing, you may do things like check notifications, obtain directions, make note entries, and so on. The finest feature of Android watches is the built-in Google Assistant, which simplifies your life. Depending on the gadget, you can execute things using only your voice. You may also use your wristwatch to track your health and exercise goals, listen to your favorite music, or discover new music with Google Play Music. Furthermore, you can use Google Pay to make payments when shopping or to keep your gift cards, loyalty points, tickets, or discounts.

We hope that now you know How to Connect Smart Watch with Phone. If you wish to share how you use your wristwatch, please do so in the comments area below.

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