How to Distinguish Fake Airpods

Have you been duped by phony Apple AirPods? We sincerely hope not. It can be difficult to tell the difference between genuine and counterfeit Apple Ear-pods. This post will show you how to tell if your new AirPods are genuine and how to distinguish fake Airpods .

What Exactly Are AirPods?

Apple AirPods, often known as Apple headphones, are Bluetooth wireless earphones that work with the iPhone and iPad. Apple AirPods , on the other hand, are Bluetooth audio devices that can be used with virtually any computer, laptop or phone; you can even connect them to an Apple TV. While every iOS iPhone comes with a basic set of wired headphones, AirPods have several advantages that make them worthwhile to upgrade to.

Differentiating Airpods from Earbuds

Since the introduction of the original iPhone in 2007, Apple has included a basic set of wired earphones. If you’ve ever owned an iPhone or an iPad, you’ve definitely used one. A Y-connection connects both earphones to an audio port on your phone. Apple replaced the traditional headphone jack on the iPhone 7 with a Lightning port on wired headphones. Furthermore, all wired earbuds include a built-in media controller that allows you to play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust the volume.

Apple Airpods' Biggest Design 'Flaw' Is Actually Their Greatest Strength

AirPods are not your typical headphones. They are completely wireless devices with no wires or connections to one another. Alternatively, both earpieces contain Bluetooth radios that allow them to communicate with your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. You’ll not only prevent cable tangles, but if you have an iPhone 7 or later, you’ll be able to use AirPods while charging your phone via the Lightning port.

What Are the Benefits of AirPods?

The first AirPod (launched in 2016) and the AirPod 2 are Apple’s two AirPod variants (released in 2019). On the surface, they appear to be the same. There are, nevertheless, some important differences. The original AirPods are powered by Apple’s actual W1 wireless processor, but the AirPods 2 are powered by Apple’s newer H1 cordless chipset, which Apple claims are twice as fast. Both AirPods include an accelerometer to detect movement, optical sensors to identify whether they’re in your ears, and microphones for phone conversations and using Siri.

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The AirPods come with a power adapter with an integrated battery to extend the battery life of the earpieces while not plugged in. The original AirPods packaging required a cord to charge. The AirPod 2 does, however, come with a wireless charging case that may be purchased separately. Both AirPods models have roughly the same total battery life, which equates to more than 24 hours of playback time when fully charged within the charging case. Furthermore, the AirPods 2 feature a somewhat longer conversation time on a single charge, roughly three hours rather than two.

How to Use AirPods

To begin, connect your AirPods to your iPhone, iPad, or other device and adjust the volume to your preference. Because of their shape, the AirPods are designed exclusively for the left and right ear. If you’re having difficulties telling them apart, each earbud has a small “L” and “R” printed on the stem. Insert them into your ears and bend the stalk straight down to fit into the slot. The AirPods lack a power button. Instead, because they feature motion integration and optical sensors, they identify when they are in your ear and are fully functioning as soon as you put them in. When you remove them, the audio will pause automatically.

The operation of your AirPods is determined by the model:

  • On all AirPod models, double-tapping an earbud accepts and ends phone calls.
  • Double-tap either earbud to wake Siri on the original AirPods. To handle audio, tell Siri to “play,” “pause,” “lower volume,” “return to the previous song,” or “skip the song.”
  • Double-tap an earpiece to skip tracks with AirPods 2. Then, say “Hey Siri” to wake up Siri.
  • You can also configure your AirPods such that a double-tap does different things.

Tips to Tell the Difference Between Real and Fake Apple Airpods

as far as the question of how to distinguish fake Airpods goes, Apple AirPods are white in-ear headphones that come with some Apple devices or can be purchased separately. They are supposed to be more comfortable in the ear than previous generations, and Apple sells them with iPod Touch products. AirPods, which were dubbed “revolutionary” at the time of their release, undoubtedly have a distinct aesthetic image. However, Apple’s redesign of the earphone has been met with functional criticism, such as a lack of rubber earpieces. Continue reading for a thorough list of minor details to look for before purchasing from an unauthorized Apple reseller.

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Purchasing headphones online is a minefield. To be honest, unless you know the source, buying anything online is fraught with danger. There are a plethora of counterfeits, knock-offs, and imitations of Apple AirPods—especially for one of the most popular earbud sets on the market. Even the best headphones may be fragile, so you may want to get a spare pair of AirPods. There are numerous merchants selling the AirPods on online purchasing platforms. The problem is that distinguishing between genuine and counterfeit AirPods can be difficult. So, before you buy, we want you to be certain that you understand what you’re buying. Here’s the complete list—keep an eye out for these distinctions!

11 Clues to Help You Tell the Difference Between Real and Fake Apple

The Price:

When buying Apple AirPods, the first thing you should consider is the pricing. In general, authentic Apple AirPods (made in China) are more expensive than counterfeit AirPods manufactured by third parties.


As soon as you get your hands on these, you should have no doubt that you are dealing with an authentic Apple product. There are several tell-tale symptoms of counterfeit AirPods. On the backside of the casing, an Apple logo should be etched. As a result of the machining, no marks or faults in the plastic should be visible. The casing box must be properly installed.

How to Spot Fake AirPods Pro

The Apple logo appears on the genuine AirPods case. Furthermore, the genuine plastic AirPods casing/box should be constructed of high-quality plastic with a smooth finish. If you notice any signs of an uneven or rough surface, you may be certain that the “AirPods” was created by a third party.

AirPods Color:

This may be the simplest way to distinguish genuine Apple AirPods from counterfeit ones. You should keep in mind that the original Apple AirPods are only available in white. So, if you notice any color variations, they were created by a third party. Continue reading to learn more about the mechanical aspects of actual AirPods.

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Build Quality:

If you look attentively at the construction of the in-ear piece, you’ll see that actual AirPods are manufactured in two parts that connect together without any excess plastic or roughness. Third-party AirPods are also built in three sections and are crudely linked. Furthermore, the phony ones will be lighter than the real ones. Genuine ones will be sturdier, better constructed, and slightly heavier (due to a premium build quality).

Ear Fitting:

The Original Apple AirPods have the best ear fit. It should fit snugly in your ear cavity and not protrude. Fake AirPods typically have a low-quality design that does not fit properly in your ears.
Remote Control or Volume Control +/- Imprint Color: This factor is difficult to distinguish unless you have a set of both real and counterfeit AirPods on hand. The volume +/- buttons on the Apple-approved AirPods remote control are a light grey color. If the color is slightly darker than that, the remote control is most likely a forgery of an AirPods set.

Trademark Text Imprint On The Cable:

If you inspect the wires of your AirPods between the audio jack and the remote control, you may notice a trademark text imprint on the wire at some point. This should be “Designed in California by Apple.” If there is no trademark text imprint on your AirPods , you have counterfeit or third-party AirPods .

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Sound Quality:

The Apple AirPods are designed to give the highest sound quality possible thanks to the earphone design. While listening to music, the redesigned design ensures that you experience deeper lows and clearer highs. If you encounter low quality or anything less than flawless, you should be aware that you are dealing with counterfeit goods. It is an important element when it comes to the question of how to distinguish fake Airpods .

The AirPods’s Bass Holes:

The OEM AirPods will direct airflow to the bass holes at the bottom, which are designed to improve bass quality. Less bass can be heard if you cover these holes with your fingertips. The “bass holes” on fake ones are only for decoration.

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Microphone Quality:

This is another difficult feature to detect in counterfeit AirPods . Connect your AirPods to your iPhone, then contact a friend and ask if they can hear your voice loud and clear, with no interruptions or annoying noise. People usually don’t notice this while inspecting their AirPods .

Other distinctions:

If we ask the question how to distinguish fake Airpods, the authentic AirPods have a smooth finish, whilst the fakes have a visible grille of lower quality. The original AirPods had mushy lettering that loses its shape when bent. In contrast, the cable in fakes is more rigid and frequently snaps back to its former shape when folded.

Some Lesser Known Airpod Hacks to Try

Powering the Pods with Another Device
The AirPods are generally charged by inserting them in the charging case and then connecting a Lightning wire through a power source. You can also charge the shell by docking it in other Lightning charging devices, such as iPhone docks and Bluetooth speakers with dock slots.
Sure, this isn’t something you’ll do regularly, but if you’re desperate for power and the only thing you have is a sound port with a Lightning connector, you must improvise.
Inhibit Automatic Ear Detection
When you put AirPods in your ears, they detect this and switch it on. When you enable automatic ear recognition, your iPhone detects when you remove your AirPods out of your ears and stops the music you were listening to.

By double-tapping an AirPod, you can use it to:

  • Siri may be used to play/pause audio.
  • You can proceed to the next track, return to the previous path, or disable double-tap entirely.
  • Keep taking mind that the settings for the Left and Right AirPods may differ.
  • Assigning a Microphone to a Single Piece

Each AirPod has a built-in microphone, and the devices are smart enough to recognize which mic to use, even if you only have one AirPod in your ear. To disable this feature, go to Settings > Bluetooth and pick your AirPods from the device list to find the option to use only one AirPod as your microphone.

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One reason you might wish to utilize only one AirPod (either the left or right) as your microphone is for privacy. If you just have your left AirPod set to be your mic, for example, you can be confident that no one will ever hear what you’re saying if you remove it from your ear.


Our goal was to make you figure out how to distinguish fake Airpods. That’s all there is to know about genuine and counterfeit devices. As a result, keep this in mind when purchasing AirPods from any store or an unlicensed AirPods pro or Apple goods reseller. Hopefully now you know how to distinguish fake Airpods.

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