How to Get Blue Tick on Instagram

Instagram is so much more than a simply photo-sharing social site. The term “electronic commerce” refers to the sale of goods and services over the internet. In recent years, the platform has increased the means of Instagram growth in which content producers, business owners, and marketers can generate attention for their products and services. Having a verified Instagram account gives up even more options to build your business by giving you more exposure on the network. However, the coveted blue check isn’t handed out to just anyone.

This article explains how to obtain verified on Instagram, the benefits of having the blue check mark, and what you can do to get it on your account. So, if you’re serious about taking your Instagram game to the next level, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about acquiring that coveted blue badge.


Also known as the Instagram verified sticker, the blue checkmark appears next to the account name, as well as in searches, and when the Instagram account owner comments on posts. The badge has a single purpose: it indicates that the user is an official profile. Because Instagram verification prohibits imitation, it is only available to celebrities, major businesses, and public figures.

Instagram provides a verification check for accounts representing well-known companies and influencers where there is a high risk of impersonation. This helps to ensure that Instagram users are dealing with legitimate brands and people they wish to follow.
In August 2018, Instagram users were given the option to seek verification. And having the sticker indicates that the account has gone through a round of manual verification checks by Instagram. When someone submits a verification request, Instagram considers a number of variables before granting the verified blue badge.

One of the primary variables they assess is if there’s a high likelihood of the accounts being impersonated. To receive the blue checkmark authentication, applicants must be prominent figures such as brands, celebrities, or influencers.


The Account Must Be Authentic

To be eligible for verification, your Instagram account must either represent a registered business or entity, or it must belong to a real person or public figure.

The Account Must Be Unique

The blue verification badge is only available to one account per user on Instagram. As a result, if you have numerous business accounts, you must select the primary one to go through the verification procedure. Language-specific accounts are exempt, but general interest accounts will not be checked. This contains fan pages, feature pages, and meme pages.

The Account Must Be Public

Because the blue Instagram badge is only available to public entities and celebrities, you cannot have a private profile on the platform.

The Account Must Be Complete

It must have a profile photo, a bio, and at least one Instagram post on its feed. When asking verification, the account should be being used.

The Account Must Be Notable

In order to become verified, your Instagram account needs to represent a well-known figure or brand. It must be widely searched for and/or featured in numerous news outlets. Instagram does not consider promotional or paid content associates when reviewing accounts. In addition to achieving the aforementioned criteria, you must also adhere  to Instagram’s Terms of Service and the platform’s Community  Guidelines. This means that if you have previously been banned for not following these standards, you are unlikely to be recognized as a verified profile.

Throughout the account verification process, include only accurate, relevant, and true information.

Use your full name.
Select an appropriate account category.
To verify your identity, use authentic documentation and images.


Step 1: Log Into Your Account

Log in to your Instagram account using the Instagram mobile app. If you have multiple accounts, make sure you log into the one you want to verify.

Step 2: Request Verification

Once in your Instagram profile, tap the Menu button in the upper right corner, followed by the Settings symbol (it looks like a little gear).
Tap Account Tap Request Verification situated near the bottom to view the form.

Step 3: Fill in the Request Verification form

  •  1. Confirm Authenticity

Your full legal name should be written exactly as it appears on your government-issued identification card. After that, you must upload an official identity document. Individuals can use their passport, national ID card, or driver’s licence. You can use a utility bill with your firm name, your articles of organisation, or a tax return for enterprises. Check that the name you entered above corresponds to the name on your documents.

  • 2. Confirm Notability

There are numerous categories to choose from, and it’s crucial to ensure that you pick the one that is most accurate for your Instagram account. News/media, Sports, Music, Fashion, Entertainment, Digital creator/blogger/influencer, Gamer, Global business/brand/organization, and Other are some of the categories. You will also be asked in which country/region you are most well-known. Even if you are a global brand or a well-known public figure, you can only choose one country. You can also include optional language to characterize your audience and offer any alternate names you may be known by.

  • 3. Provide Links [optional]

This is an optional, but highly recommended, step that helps to support your Instagram verification application. You can include up to 5 links that demonstrate your celebrity. Instagram promotes adding news items and other social media profiles. Paid or promoted content, on the other hand, will not be allowed as part of your application.

  • 4. Tap Send

Send when you’ve completed your application. And there you have it! Instagram will notify you whether or not your application has been approved after reviewing it. The formal response will be received within a few days.

If you don’t succeed on the first try, don’t give up. Instagram may reject your application for the verified blue badge for a variety of reasons. If your initial application is rejected, take the time to learn how to boost your profile, expand your audience, and further establish yourself as a notable person or brand online.
Once you’ve made those adjustments, simply apply again. You have 30 days after the prior request was denied to submit the following request.


Instagram is very clear that even if your Instagram account passes the verification standards, it is not a guarantee that you will receive the blue checkmark. In order to give oneself the best possibility of receiving clearance, it’s a good idea to practice the following tips:

  • Finish Your Bio

A full profile is one of the first things Instagram looks for when deciding whether or not to verify your account. Make sure you complete up all the information required in the bio areas. Include a photo, at least one post, and factual information about yourself, your business, or your brand. Including a link to your website as well as location information can be beneficial.

  • Make Yourself Newsworthy

Another essential need for Instagram verification is that your account be noteworthy. One approach to achieve this is by getting your name in the news. You can get your name in the media by sending out press releases and media kits. Connect with local news outlets and other significant media to increase your presence.

  • Improve Your Online Presence

Work on grooming your wider web presence to make it highly searchable. If your name just appears on Instagram, your account is less likely to be verified. Improve your online exposure by improving your own website as well as your presence on other social media sites so that you can be found in web searches. You can also guest post on various authority websites and participate in videos and podcasts.

  • Increase Your Instagram Following

Many social media marketing professionals suggest that in order to have an Instagram verified account, you must have a certain number of followers. Instagram, however, has not proven or specified this. Although there is no minimum amount of followers required for Instagram verification, having a larger number of followers makes you appear more prominent. If you want to secure the blue check on Instagram, you must continue to expand your reach and followers.

  • Post often

The instructions suggest that you only need one post to be evaluated for blue check verification, but you should wait until you have a more solid Instagram presence before applying. To be a well-known figure online, you must have an active account with a large number of followers. This is an important indicator of your worth, and it will greatly increase your chances of approval.


  • Use no third-party services to apply

There are many folks on the internet that will try to sell you quick and easy Instagram verification. All of these are deceptions. The steps for applying for blue check verification are straightforward. Anyone can follow them, and there is no need to use a third-party service to validate your Instagram account.

  • Do not include links to other social media networks in your bio.

Don’t cross-promote other social media accounts in your Instagram bio. Also, don’t ask your followers on Instagram to follow you anywhere else. If your profile contains “add me” connections to other social media platforms, Instagram will not authorize it.

  • Give no misleading information.

Make certain that all of the information you provide is honest, true, and accurate. This includes uploading legitimate documents and not faking your identity. If it is discovered that you provided fraudulent information, Instagram has the authority to withdraw your verification, and your account may be deleted.

  • Do not purchase Instagram likes or followers.

Check to see if the engagement you’re encouraging on Instagram is genuine. A like from a real person is always going to be more worthwhile than one from a bot or a false account.

  • Don’t violate Instagram’s policies and rules.

The last thing that you want is to lose your verification badge after receiving it. To avoid this, you must continue to adhere to Instagram’s Terms of Service and the platform’s Community Guidelines. Transferring or selling your badge, using your bio, profile image, or Instagram name to market or promote other services, and so on are some of the actions that may result in your badge being removed.


The checkmark on Instagram helps to highlight your brand’s uniqueness.
It’s a simple approach to raise brand recognition and enhance your following count.

  • It is a successful method for defending your brand and reputation against imposters.
  • It boosts trust between your brand and your fans.
  • Brands like to collaborate with certified influencers or marketers.
  • The blue verification mark also helps users to easily find your company on social media
  • When someone searches for your brand, your account will normally appear near the top of the search results.
  • Accounts with the verified badge also have early access to other unique Instagram features, such as the “swipe up” function on Instagram stories, which needs a company to have at least 10,000 followers to have access to. This regulation does not apply to verified accounts.

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