How to Get Verified on Twitter

Verified Twitter users have a blue checkmark next to their name. The blue tick indicates that a public interest account is genuine and not a spammer, troll, or bot. Twitter claims that the blue checkmark represents “People have the upper hand. Your account will acquire a blue checkmark, exactly like the celebrities, companies, and politicians you already follow”. Twitter Blue provides fewer advertisements, the ability to submit extended videos, and priority ranking for outstanding material, in addition to the blue checkmark.


Any user with a legitimate, notable, and active account can seek to be verified on Twitter. Verified Twitter users have a blue checkmark next to their name. The blue tick indicates that a public interest account is genuine and not a spammer, troll, or bot.


In order to be eligible for twitter verification, your twitter account must fall into one of these public categories;

  • Government
  • Entertainment
  • Sports or Gaming
  • Companies, Brand or Organization
  • Influencer
  • Activist
  • News Organizer or Journalist
  • Event Organizer

Beyond these categories there are strict requirement for anyone looking forward to get verified by twitter. The account must be Authentic, Notable and Active.



You must validate your identity in the first step of Twitter’s account verification procedure by giving a link to your official website or that of your organization. You must also submit a genuine official government-issued ID and an official email address with the necessary domain.


Your Twitter account must be affiliated with a well-known organization, brand, or individual in order to be verified. A Twitter user must give links to news coverage about him/her or a link to a profile on Google Trends that illustrates his/her search history, a Wikipedia reference, or their follower count for account verification.

Levels of activity:

To be blue tick-verified, your account must be active and meet Twitter’s requirements for a profile name and image. The account must be public at the time of application, and you must have logged in within the last six months. Furthermore, your account must have a valid email address or phone number and must not have received a 12-hour or 7-day lockout for breaching Twitter rules in the last 12 months.


Here’s a step-by-step process to become Twitter verified:

  • To begin the verification process, go to your account settings and click on request verification’ under the ‘Verified’ section.
  • A new window will appear. To begin the verification process, click ‘Start Now.’
  • Choose a category for your account/profile, such as government, news organization, company, or brand.
  • Now, demonstrate that you have chosen the correct category by sharing your official website, articles, references, etc.
  • Verify your Twitter identity by providing an official email address, website, or government-issued ID.
  • After entering all of your information, click submit and wait for Twitter to respond.

How to Get Verified on Twitter: 2021 Application Process

How to Get Verified on Twitter: 2021 Application Process


There are numerous obvious advantages to having a verified account:

  • You could gain more followers.
  • Enables you to acquire the community’s trust and esteem.
  • Ease of immediately getting identified as an authority or influencer.
  • Now you have the ability to defend yourself against impersonation attempts.
  • The last two points are possibly the most crucial.

That blue verified symbol on your profile means you’ll always be closer to other verified users. Your other verified users’ likes, responses, and retweets will never be concealed. You’re also safeguarding yourself from impersonators who want to exploit your influence to further their own objectives, whether that’s spreading fake news and conspiracy theories, spamming your followers, or stealing personal information from your followers.


The Twitter verified icon ensures that your followers aren’t unintentionally following a fraudulent account. However, it is the only way for Twitter users to be certain that an account is genuine. It provides an additional degree of security for both users and account owners, slows the spread of fake news, and overall improves the user experience.

If your verification request is declined the first time, you may resubmit it within 30 days. You can request verification as many times as you want.

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