Sony INZONE H3 vs INZONE H7- Best Pick

The Sony INZONE H3 are entry-level headphones in the INZONE series. This series includes the similarly styled Sony INZONE H7 Wireless and Sony INZONE H9 Wireless, as all three headphones are developed with PS5 gaming in mind. The INZONE H3 are wired headphones with a somewhat smaller chassis and cloth ear cup padding than their higher-end equivalents. These over-ears provide many customising options, such as 360 Spatial Sound, to assist create a more immersive experience. If you wish to communicate with teammates, they’re even Discord-certified, which ensures great audio quality while communicating with others through this software. The Sony INZONE H7 Wireless gaming headset is the mid-tier model in the INZONE PS5 gaming portfolio. These headphones lie directly between the Sony INZONE H3 and the Sony INZONE H9 Wireless, and in many respects, they offer the best of both worlds. They are wireless, Bluetooth-enabled, and customizable thanks to companion app support. But, as with the other goods in this portfolio, their good overall performance does not justify the expensive price.



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  • Very comfortable for long-term wear (and glasses-wearers)
  • Solid sound quality
  • Looks sleek, especially alongside PS5 and other Inzone products
  • Dual connectivity (simultaneous Bluetooth)
  • Comfortable, plush ear pads
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Wired AUX cable can’t be detached
  • Plastic feels a tad cheap
  • Poor mic quality
  • Annoying PS5 UI issues
  • Inzone Hub profiles don’t work on PS5
  • Expensive
  • Specifications
  • Sony-INZONE H3
  • Sony-INZONE H7
Key Specs
Connection Type: Wired Wireless
Headphone Fit: Over-the-Ear Over-the-Ear
Adjustable Headband: Yes Yes
Sound Isolating: No No
Connection Type: Wired Wireless
Connector Size: 1/8 in. (3.5mm), USB Type C -
Wireless Connectivity: - Bluetooth
True Wireless: - No
Bluetooth Version: - 5.0
Product Height: 10.22 inches 12.01 inches
Product Width: 10.32 inches 10.83 inches
Product Depth: 3.01 inches 4.25 inches
Cord Length: 3.94 feet -

Let’s find the best one to choose between INZONE H3 vs INZONE H7.



The Sony INZONE H3 has a virtually similar appearance to other headphones in this manufacturer’s inventory, such as the Sony INZONE H7 Wireless, although it’s just a tad smaller. They are made of white plastic and have a non-detachable black boom mike to match the PS5 console. Their headband features the manufacturer’s logo, and they only come in one color variant: ‘White.’ The build quality of the Sony INZONE H3 is average. The majority of their frame is made of inexpensive plastic. They also feature cotton cushioning on the cups, but it doesn’t feel as robust as the faux leather padding on the Sony INZONE H9 Wireless. Their audio cord is also not removable, so if it is damaged, you will have to replace the complete machine. Overall, given their price, they aren’t the most durable headphones and may be prone to damage over time. Sony INZONE H3 headphones aren’t very portable, but it won’t be a problem if you plan to keep them at home. If you want to carry them with you on the road, they have a large design, which is typical of gaming headphones, and they still take up some space in their usual position. Fortunately, the ear cups swivel to lay flat.

INZONE H3 | Wired Gaming Headset | Sony India


Talking about INZONE H3 vs INZONE H7, the Sony H7 has a similar appearance to the Sony INZONE H9 Wireless, with a predominantly white plastic frame and black accents. They also contain an LED light at the bottom of the ear cup that indicates whether you’re connected via the dongle or Bluetooth. Their white boom microphone is similarly not removable. They are only available in one color: white. The Sony H7 is of good build quality. They have the same overall plastic frame as the Sony INZONE H9 Wireless; however, their cotton ear cup padding is substantially identical to that of the Sony INZONE H3. What differentiates them is that their textile padding lacks stitching on the forward face of the pads. Despite their high price, their design feels cheap and plasticky. They’ll still survive incidental strikes without receiving too much harm, though. The Sony H7’s hefty design isn’t an issue if you keep them on your desk or couch. Yet, even in their usual posture, they take up much space if you want to take them with you on the road.

INZONE H7 | Wireless Gaming Headset | Sony IN



Sony INZONE H3 is reasonably comfy. They are more portable and have a more comprehensive range of motion than the Sony PULSE 3D Wireless. The headband is also well-padded, so you won’t feel any pressure on your head while playing for lengthy periods. While the padding on the headband is comfy, the ear cups are shallow, and your ears may contact the padding if you have large ears. The Sony INZONE H3 has a poor level of stability. They’re gaming headphones, so they’re not designed to stay in place with rapid head movements. In case you move your head a lot while gaming, a minor tremor can make them slide off your head, which can be annoying. Their audio wire is also not detachable, so if it becomes entangled in something, it has the potential to pull the headphones off your head. However, if you’re gaming from your couch or workstation, this won’t be an issue.

Sony INZONE H3 gaming headset review: | GamesRadar+


The Sony H7 is reasonably comfortable. They have a lightweight construction with ear cups that move freely to accommodate most head sizes. These have the same cotton ear cup padding as the Sony INZONE H3. However, they are a little more sturdy. Their headband is comfortable and effectively distributes the entire weight of the headphones. Sadly, even at their smallest setting, the frame may be a bit large if you have a small head. The Sony H7 has mediocre stability. However, they’re slightly more sticky than the Sony INZONE H9 Wireless. They’ll likely fall off your head if you move a lot while gaming. Suppose you don’t move around much when gaming; you won’t notice this as much.

Sony Inzone H7 im Test: Dieses Gaming-Headset klingt klasse! - COMPUTER BILD



The frequency response constancy of the Sony INZONE H3 is poor. The headphones are prone to audio delivery discrepancies, particularly in the bass area. In case you have thick hair or wear glasses, you may notice a loss of bass. There are some differences in treble delivery, so take the time to adjust their fit, location, and seal each time you use them. The bass accuracy of the Sony INZONE H3 is excellent. The thump and rumble are decent, but a boost in the mid to high bass adds punch and intense warmth to mixes. It can enhance sound effects such as footsteps in first-person shooters, but it can also be excessively boomy, muddying vocals, and instruments in dramatic cut scenes. In case you like to listen to music while playing PC games, you might find vocals like those in the first verse of Redbone by Childish Gambino muddled by the bassline.

INZONE H3 Wired Gaming Headset

The Sony INZONE H3 provides outstanding mid-accuracy. Overemphasis from the high bass into the low-mid muddies the dialogue and instruments in mixes. The mid-to-high-mid range is relatively flat and neutral, so vocals and instruments work well. The treble precision of the Sony INZONE H3 is poor. A low-treble dip obscures the top harmonics of vocalists and lead instruments. This can be heard in climax music, such as In the Blood of Hades’ first ending sequence, where the lead singers’ high notes in the last chorus are significantly reduced by the trumpets and drums. The mid-treble, on the other hand, is much more overemphasized. Thus sibilants like hi-hats are piercing.


The Sony H7 has a sound profile comparable to the Sony INZONE H9 Wireless. Although they could need a little more low bass, this is most likely due to inconsistencies in audio transmission. As a result, to achieve a more consistent sound, you must take the time to optimize their fit, seal, and location. Sound effects such as footsteps are amplified in gameplay, which is ideal for FPS games. They’re not ideal for music because they make recordings sound muddy and harsh. A comparison of the EQ presets is available here. The Sony H7 has an inconsistent frequency response.

Sony Inzone H7 Review |

They’re particularly prone to discrepancies in audio delivery. In case you have thick hair or wear glasses, you may suffer a loss in bass since these qualities can disrupt the headphones’ seal on your head, so take the time to adjust their fit, positioning, and seal on your head each time you use them to get a more consistent sound. The bass accuracy of the Sony H7 is satisfactory. They lack low bass, resulting in less thump and rumble in mixes. A prominent peak in the mid to high-bass range, on the other hand, gives extra punch and boom to mixes, which can help emphasize sound effects such as footsteps in gaming. This, however, can seriously muddy vocals and lead instruments.



The noise isolation performance of the Sony INZONE H3 is mediocre. They lack noise canceling and will not filter out a significant amount of ambient noise, unlike the Sony INZONE H9 Wireless. Yet, when it comes to noises more characteristic of a gaming setting, they perform an excellent job of reducing mid-range noise, such as ambient talk. But, if you want to utilize them in a busy office, this may not be enough. These can greatly reduce the high-pitched hum of air conditioners and computer fans. When used outside, they struggle to block out the low rumbling of bus engines. The leakage performance of the Sony INZONE H3 is satisfactory. The most of the audio bleed is located in the mid to treble region and sounds relatively thin. But, the leaking isn’t particularly loud, so even if you turn up your music to the fullest, the leakage won’t bother those around you too much.


The noise isolation effectiveness of the Sony H7 is mediocre, but that is to be expected from gaming headphones. Unlike the Sony INZONE H9 Wireless, they lack an active noise canceling (ANC) feature, meaning they won’t filter out sounds like the rumbling of car engines outside your window. They do, however, do a better job of reducing ambient noise and the high-pitched hum of computer fans. The leaking performance of the Sony H7 is adequate. The leakage is centered mainly in the mid to treble range and sounds thin. Nonetheless, escaping audio isn’t extremely loud, so if you want to crank up the volume while gaming, you won’t bother others.



The boom mic on the Sony INZONE H3 has excellent recording quality. Your voice is full-bodied, clear, and natural, and your teammates will have no trouble hearing you. The noise-handling capabilities of the microphone are adequate. They lack a noise gate, unlike the Sony INZONE H7 Wireless and Sony INZONE H9 Wireless, and hence cannot automatically cut out noise when you are not talking. The microphone can still isolate your voice from moderate background noise, although there is some background sound there. If you’re speaking to colleagues in a noisy environment, they’ll hear the noise around them, but your voice will be clear and audible.


The recording quality of the Sony H7’s boom mic is adequate. Your voice is natural and clear, so your teammates will have no trouble hearing you. The noise-handling capabilities of the microphone are excellent. When you speak, a noise gate automatically shuts off the background noise. As a result, the mic can distinguish your voice from moderate background noise. Even if you’re conversing with teammates in a noisy area, they can hear you.



The Sony INZONE H3 has a non-detachable 1/8 inch camera “The TRRS cable. They also come with a USB-A to analog cable, which offers minimal latency, guaranteeing that your audio and images stay in sync when gaming. You may connect the Sony INZONE H3 to your PC through analog or cable USB with full compatibility. The Sony INZONE H3 is compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles through analog or cable USB. When you insert the 1/8” jack into these headphones, you have complete audio and mic compatibility with Xbox consoles. “Connect a TRRS cable to your controller’s AUX port. A USB-A to analog connection is included with these headphones. Nevertheless, it does not provide any further inputs.


Between INZONE H3 vs INZONE H7, the Sony H7 has a USB-A to USB-C charging cable that does not transmit audio. Remember that these headphones lack an AUX connector as well. Thus you can’t use a 1/8″ TRS for a wired connection. With complete audio and mic compatibility, the Sony H7 may connect to your PC through Bluetooth or a wireless dongle. The wireless dongle allows these headphones to connect to PlayStation systems. You can listen to audio and use the microphone. The Sony H7 includes a wireless dongle. It contains a switch for switching between PS5 and PC modes. But there are no inputs on this dongle.


We aimed at comparing INZONE H3 vs INZONE H7 and the Sony INZONE H3 is the entry-level model in the INZONE gaming line, while the Sony INZONE H7 Wireless is the mid-level model. The H7 are Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth wireless headphones that are ideal for streaming audio from your phone while gaming on your console. They’re also more comfy, better made, and have a superior noise-cancelling boom mic. However, the H3 are wired headphones that are slightly smaller in size, which some users may prefer, have a slightly more neutral sound profile, and have much higher recording quality with its boom mic. We hope our article helped you to find the best between INZONE H3 vs INZONE H7.

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