Logitech G433 vs G432- Comparison

Both the Logitech G432 (981-000769) and the Logitech G433 (2017) are excellent Gaming Headsets for individuals willing to spend roughly $35; neither option can be beaten.

Logitech G433

Logitech G432

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  • Stylish fabric design
  • Solid virtual 7.1 surround sound
  • Includes 7,1-channel USB audio card
  • Good sound
  • Comfortable fit
  • Versatile connections
  • Not so brilliant for music
  • Uncomfortable earpad fabric
  • Underwhelming audio
  • Light, stiff padding
  • Dated design
  • Loose ear cups
  • Need USB connection for best audio
  • Specifications
  • Logitech G433
  • Logitech G432
Key Specs
Sound Mode: Surround, DTS Headphone:X DTS Headphone:X 2.0
Connection Type: Wired Wired
Built-In Microphone: Yes Yes
Carrying Case: Yes No
Headphone Fit: Over-the-Ear Over-the-Ear
Adjustable Headband: Yes Yes
Sound Isolating: Yes No
Minimum Frequency Response: 40 hertz 20 hertz
Maximum Frequency Response: 10 kilohertz 20 kilohertz
Impedance: 32 ohms 39 ohms
Sensitivity: 107 decibels adjusted 107 decibels adjusted
Product Height: 6.8 inches 6.77 inches
Product Width: 3.2 inches 3.22 inches
Product Weight: 0.6 pounds 1.25 pounds


Logitech G433

The Logitech G433 is more casual in appearance than most of the gaming headphones we’ve evaluated thus far. They don’t have the same elegant design as the G Pro, but they do include a pleasant layer of cushioning on the headband. The ear cups are likewise lined with a plush fabric that matches the cushioning on the headband and ear cups. You can remove the microphone, which, along with their casual look, makes them ideal for usage outdoors, as opposed to showy, gaming-only headsets, which can be an eyesore.

Logitech G433 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Logitech G432

The Logitech G432 is quite similar to the Logitech G430 in appearance, although the pads aren’t as colorful. The covering is also pleather, which improves the overall appearance of the headset. The build, on the other hand, is comparable and primarily constructed of cheap plastic. The cups are large and have a little cyan accent, which is prevalent in Logitech designs. The microphone is also collapsible if you want it out of the way while not in use. These are gaming headphones, and the design reflects that.

Amazon.com: Logitech G432 Wired Gaming Headset, 7.1 Surround Sound, DTS  Headphone:X 2.0, Flip-to-Mute Mic, PC (Leatherette) Black/Blue : Video Games


Logitech G433

The Logitech G433 is pleasant headphones with fairly sized ear cups that fit comfortably around the ears of most listeners. They’re light and well-padded; however, the padding doesn’t feel nearly as nice and smooth on the skin as some of the other gaming headphones we’ve tested. Also, they’re a little snug out of the box, and the ear cups, while adequate in size, are a little shallow. This may create minor irritation to the tip of your ears over time, and the tightness may cause weariness during very extended gaming sessions. Because of their slightly permeable ear cup pads, the Logitech G433 has a relatively breathable design. They will still make your ears warm during extended listening sessions and are not appropriate for more intensive workouts, especially if you use the second set of pads that are present in the box. On the plus side, they’re more breathable than other closed-back over-ears.

Logitech's G433 Gaming Headset Looks Better Than It Sounds | Digital Trends

We considered the build quality to be adequate in our Logitech G433 review. The headband is rather flexible and reinforced with a broad metal frame that should endure a few drops and twists without being damaged or deformed. The ear cups are also well-made, reasonably substantial, and coated in a soft fabric that lends a distinct appearance. However, the cloth will fade and rip over time, making it look less appealing. The cable, on the other hand, is detachable and replaceable.

Logitech G432

The Logitech G432 are lightweight headphones that are suitable to wear for extended periods of time without becoming fatigued. They can, however, be a little tight on the head, especially for persons with larger heads. The cups, on the other hand, are big and spacious and should fit most ear sizes and shapes. The padding is now pleather rather than mesh cloth, which feels better against the skin. These headphones, like most over-ears, aren’t particularly airy and trap heat within the ear cups. This shouldn’t be an issue for casual gaming sessions, but they aren’t built for sports, so you should notice a temperature difference. This will cause you to perspire more than usual.

Logitech G432 review - SoundGuys

The Logitech G432 is nearly identical in design to the Logitech G430. The metal frame gives the headband some durability, but the general build of the headphones isn’t outstanding. The joints are pretty flimsy, and the headphones are incredibly plasticky. The cups are reasonably substantial and may withstand a few drops without too much damage, but they aren’t as sturdy as other gaming headphones we’ve examined.


Logitech G433

After examining various gaming headsets with an in-line remote, we chose to revise the Logitech G433’s controls because they come with an additional cable with call/music control, albeit you won’t be able to utilize all of the controls at the same time.

Logitech G433 - A FABRIC Covered Gaming Headset!? - YouTube

The Logitech G433 game headset includes a straightforward gaming control setup. You can control the volume with the help of a dial that is simple to operate and responsive but lacks distinct notches for you to choose the exact volume level you desire. They also include a simple on/off switch for the microphone. They also have an additional connection with an inbuilt control for mobile devices, making them quite adaptable headphones. The second wire is equipped with a multi-function button, but no volume controls.

Logitech G432

The Logitech G432’s control system is basic and does not provide many possibilities. On the cups, there is only one volume control wheel, and you may mute your microphone by flipping it up. On the plus side, this means they’re incredibly simple to use, and the wheel doesn’t scroll indefinitely, which is useful because you can immediately see when you’re at maximum or minimum volume.


Logitech G433

The Logitech G433 headphones aren’t extremely portable. They do not fold into a more compact configuration for ease of commuting, as do other gaming headsets we’ve evaluated so far. Although the ear cups lay flat, they do not save much room. Because of this, they are a little too heavy to carry around on your person unless you have a bag. These headphones come with a soft pouch that protects them from scratches but not against collisions, drops, or water damage.

Logitech G432

The Logitech G432 is a bit hefty and not very portable, as are most gaming headphones. Although their cups cannot fold into a more compact size, they do lay flat, making it easier to put the headset into a bag. They also don’t come with a bag or pouch to help you transport them. However, since you shouldn’t be moving too much with a gaming headset, this shouldn’t be an issue for most people. These headphones do not come with a protective sleeve or case.


Logitech G433

Because of their relatively snug fit, these headphones are fairly stable. However, they are not intended for sports, and the large ear cups can sway if used during vigorous activities such as running or working out. On the plus side, their detachable wire is easily detachable if it becomes entangled in something.

Logitech G432

Because these headphones are fairly snug on the head, they are somewhat stable. The big design of the cups, on the other hand, sways about with head movement. This should not be a problem for gaming, but they will not be suited for sports. Furthermore, because they are connected, you must ensure that their cable does not become entangled in something which might easily rip the headphones off your head.

Logitech G432 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset for sale online | eBay


Logitech G433

The consistent performance of the Logitech G433 is subpar. At 20Hz, the maximum variation in bass delivery across our human participants is roughly 15dB. We also discovered that wearing glasses could exacerbate the bass delivery. However, the constancy in the treble range is less than 6dB for the most part, which is acceptable given the short range.

Logitech G432

The frequency response consistency performance of the Logitech G432 is average. Throughout the range, these headphones have consistency concerns. At 20Hz, the greatest deviation detected across our five human volunteers was more than 10dB, which is significant. We also discovered that some types of glasses could break the seal on these headphones, resulting in a loss of bass. The largest amount of deviation below 10kHz in the treble band is roughly 11dB around 4kHz, indicating that the treble delivery of these headphones is quite sensitive to location.


Logitech G433

The bass on the Logitech G433 is great. The low-frequency extension is excellent at 22Hz. Low-bass and mid-bass, which are responsible for body and punch in the bass region, are reproduced within 1dB of our neutral target. However, the high bass is overemphasized by more than 2dB, giving the sound a slight boominess. The mid-range is fantastic. Because the low-mid and high-mid frequencies are practically faultless, vocalists will sound rich and clear. However, mid-mid has a 4dB boost focused at 700Hz, which pushes vocals/leads to the front of the mix.

Logitech G432

The Logitech G432 has excellent bass performance. LFE (low-frequency extension) is outstanding, reaching 10Hz. Low bass, which is responsible for the thud and rumble heard in bass-heavy music such as EDM and dubstep, is around 2dB below our ideal contour. Most individuals should not be bothered by this. Mid-bass, which is responsible for the punch and body of the bass guitar and kick drums, is only 1.5dB below our desired curve, while high-bass is 1.5dB above it. This may add some boominess to the bass, but it won’t be perceptible.

Furthermore, its bass delivery varies substantially amongst users and is sensitive to fit, seal, and whether you wear glasses. The response shown here indicates the average bass response; your results may vary. The mid-range of the Logitech G432 is excellent. The response is pretty flat and well-balanced throughout the spectrum; however, it is slightly overemphasized by just over 2dB. This produces a clean and accurate reproduction of vocalists and lead instruments, but they may sound a little forward and mid-range.


Logitech G433

These wired headphones do not have a Bluetooth connection. These headphones’ USB-connected connection offers little latency, making them ideal for gaming and home theatre. To improve clarity, we changed the USB Audio results from ‘Analog to USB Adapter’ to ‘USB Type-A.’ When connected to a PC or PS4 with a USB Type-A connector, these headphones can receive audio. This test’s scoring has not changed.

The Logitech G433 has a wired connection and volume control, and microphone compatibility for consoles when plugged into the Xbox One or PS4 controllers. They also include a USB adaptor for PCs, which allows them to have more control over the microphone and audio.

Logitech G432

These headphones do not support Bluetooth. The Logitech G432 has no latency difficulties due to its connected connection, which means there will be no audio delay. This is ideal for gaming and watching videos. The latency value of these headphones has changed since they were updated to Test Bench 1.5. ‘Analog/USB Audio Latency’ was measured at 80 ms in our previous Test Bench 1.4 measurements. However, our new test bench takes an average of three measures rather than one, yielding a measurement of 52 ms, which is excellent. We have revised our review to reflect these changes.

Logitech G500S Laser Gaming Mouse With Logitech G432 Gaming Headset | eBay

These headphones are extremely adaptable, and they can be used with any platform to provide mic and audio assistance. However, their USB dongle is incompatible with Xbox One. Therefore, you must use the 1/8″ TRRS connection with a controller. If you don’t have the USB dongle, you must use the provided Y-splitter to use both the mic and headphone ports on the PC.


Logitech G433

The recording quality of the boom microphone is excellent. The LFE (low-frequency extension) frequency is 20Hz, which is great. This means that voice recorded or transmitted with this microphone will sound full-bodied. However, the increase in low bass renders it susceptible to pops and rumbling noises. The HFE of 7.3KHz is above average, producing a speech with good definition and presence but lacking airiness. LFE and HFE response is highly flat and even, resulting in a realistic voice.

Logitech G433 Wired 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset - Black

The microphone performs admirably in terms of noise reduction. It achieved a speech-to-noise ratio of 42dB in our SpNR test, indicating that it will be able to differentiate speech from ambient noise to a large extent, even in very loud circumstances.

Logitech G432

The recording quality of the boom mic is excellent. Your voice is bright and natural, but it lacks substance. Your teammates, on the other hand, should be able to hear you clearly. The noise-handling capabilities of the microphone are excellent. It can distinguish your speech from moderate background noise. Even if you’re talking to teammates near a window while there’s traffic outside, they should be able to hear you clearly.

Logitech G432 Wired DTS Headphone:X 2.0 Surround Sound Over-the-Ear Gaming  Headset for PC with Flip-to-Mute Mic Black/Blue 981-000769 - Best Buy


If you wish to upgrade from the G432, there’s the G433, which has a finer finish and a sleeker design for a little bit extra. The G433 has the same audio quality as the G432, but instead of a flip to mute cardioid mic, it includes a detachable boom mic that sounds better and can be removed entirely if not needed. The G433 is also completely encased in a lightweight mesh fabric casing that looks and feels great. The extra 30 quid is well worth it for the improved quality.

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