Logitech G604 Wireless vs Corsair M65 Wired – Which One is Better?

Logitech G604 Wireless vs Corsair M65 Wired

Today we’re going to be comparing a wireless gaming mouse from Logitech and a wired one from Corsair. These days, you can’t really call yourself a true gamer if you don’t have all the gaming peripherals you need to succeed. Gaming mice are one of those essential tools, and both Logitech and Corsair know this all too well. They’re two of the best companies when it comes to manufacturing gaming peripherals. In this article, we’re going to pit there products against each other.

Logitech G604 Wireless

Corsair M65 Wired

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  • Has a comfortable
  • It has 6 – 8 thumb buttons
  • Two connectivity options; Bluetooth and USB wireless
  • Long battery life
  • Intelligent button layout
  • Outstanding performance
  • Robust RGB lighting
  • Offers a comfortable grip
  • Has a good-looking overall design
  • Relatively affordable
  • No rechargeable batteries
  • Below-average software profiles
  • Cumbersome weights
  • Complex software involved
  • Specifications
  • Logitech G604 Wireless
  • Corsair M65 Wired
Product Name: G604 Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse M65 RGB Elite Wired Optical Gaming Mouse
Brand: Logitech CORSAIR
System RequirementsInfo: Microsoft Windows 7 or later, Apple MacOS X 10.12 or later Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10
Model Number: 910-005622 CH-9309011-NA
Color: Black Black
Mouse Type: Gaming Gaming
Lighting Type: None RGB
Mouse Power Source: Battery-powered Wired
Mouse Operation: Button(s) Button(s), Scroll wheel
Tracking Method: Optical Optical
Maximum Sensitivity: 25600 dots per inch 18000 dots per inch
Minimum Sensitivity: 100 dots per inch 100 dots per inch
Number of Buttons (Total): 15 8
Number of Programmable Buttons: 15 8
Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth USB Type A
Operating System Compatibility: Mac, Windows Windows
Interface(s): Bluetooth USB Type A
Product Height: 1.8 inches 1.54 inches
Product Width: 3.1 inches 3.01 inches
Product Weight: 4.76 ounces 3.36 ounces
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts: 2 years 2 years
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor: 2 years 2 years

Logitech’s G604 wireless gaming mouse is a product that’ll bring back a lot of memories for those of you that have used the G600 mouse before. The company has come a long way in the mouse space. From wired gaming mice loaded with more buttons than necessary to now this. This new wireless gaming mouse, the G604, has a textured palm-rest, two connectivity options as well as an entire month of usage provided by one AA battery. While this mouse is nowhere near perfect just yet, it still manages to get the job done. That being said, considering you’ll be spending close to one-hundred bucks, Logitech should’ve at least included RGB lighting as well as a rechargeable battery.

The M65 RGB wired is one of Corsair’s best gaming mouse. This new peripheral is specifically designed with the FPS gamer in mind. It’s a gaming mouse with rich software, colorful RGB lighting and weights that can be tuned. Yes, tuning the weights isn’t as easy as one would expect, however, that is just about the only thing that you’ll hate about the device. It’s a superlative gaming mouse, especially when be used on first-person-shooter titles, and it isn’t as pricey as some of its competitors. If you want something that’ll allow you to completely dominate the multi-player scene, then this might just be the mouse you should be focusing on.



This gaming mouse looks similar to the previous Logitech mouse, the G602.  Logitech really hasn’t changed much. This is still a right-handed mouse that has six thumb buttons and thumb rest that sticks out. Although, there’s an all-black chassis now with thumb and palm rests that have been textured. On the left-click button, you’ll find 2 button functions that you can use for DPI sensitivity adjustment. Also, the scroll-wheel now can click three ways as well. At the center, there two buttons for scroll-wheel tension and wireless connectivity adjustment. They can also be used to change from USB dongle to Bluetooth.

Logitech G604 Wireless

Otherwise, the G604 is still incredibly comfortable on the palm (nothing has changed there), and is still ideal for those gamers that like claw-grip instead of palm-grip. Also, its thumb buttons perform much better than the ones found on its predecessor. Its protrusions are easy to click and are generally way better than having tiny prisms. Also, differentiating the buttons is nowhere near as hard as it used to be on the G602. With the G604, you can do this without even looking at them. This is perfect for those of you that play games with demanding skill rotations.

M65 Elite

This Corsair mouse might not be ideal for the office. Why do we say this? Well, it might just be a tad bit too overdesigned. It has many extra surfaces and angles than your standard mouse, but all those have a specific function and that’s why they’re there. Its black, plastic chassis sits atop a gray plastic board. At the center of the device there’s palm rest that’s been slightly elevated and a tiny thumb rest to the left of the mouse. On the right, however, there’s not much going on. The M65 Elite has a short body that might shock you a bit at first glance, though you quickly realize that it’s like that because it doesn’t want any associated drag, or any extra material for that matter.

Corsair M65 Wired

Besides that, it’s incredibly comfortable to use and has an impressively intelligent overall button layout. You’ve got access to two thumb buttons, a textured scroll-wheel that’s clickable, a “sniper” button, DPI sensitivity adjustment buttons and the right/left click buttons. If you’ve not had the chance to use a ‘sniper’ button before, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how useful this button function can be, especially if you like gaming hardcore FPS titles. When you press it completely using your thumb, DPI sensitivity is lowered so as to allow you to take more accurate shots on the ones that have a low margin of error. If you’re probably not going to have any use for sniper functionality, then you can reprogram the button and assign a command that’s going to be more useful for you.

One great thing about this Corsair gaming mouse is the fact that you can tune its weights. When you remove the screws that hold the bottom part together, you’ll find weights inside the mouse. These weights can be dislodged and you can choose between one to six grams weights. Depending on the weights you choose to go with, the mouse can measure between around 99-grams and 117-grams. Gamers that like playing first-person-shooters often like using gaming mice that are both light and fast, meaning that this is a feature that gamers like those will like because it’ll make their game better. Though it’s not always easy using these weights and they can sometimes prove a pain in the ass. Logitech should’ve been a lot like SteelSeries in this department. Like the Rival 600, they should’ve designed it in a way that all you have to do is pop the mouse’s bottom lid off then add the weights you want to add. This simple and straightforward technique would’ve been most welcome.

Instead, with the M65 RGB mouse, you’ll have to unscrew a set of screws on the lid using a flathead screwdriver. Once you’re done with the addition or removal of the weights, the same process has to be repeated all over again in reverse (instead of opening now you’re closing). Which means, each time you want to tune the mouse’s weight you’ll have to use a flathead screwdriver to unscrew and screw 3 screws. Furthermore, this technique can sometimes suffocate the weights inside due to the lid being screwed on too tight.



This Logitech gaming mouse does incredibly well in all-around performance. The tiny thumb buttons on it have managed to win many gamers over so far, even though many of them predict themselves having a tough time knowing which one is which. When you use it to play games like Final Fantasy, Overwatch and Age of Mythology, it works perfectly in all aspects of the games. When you use the Gladiator in Final Fintasy, you’ll have access to so many skills that can build build on one another for extra shields and/or damage.

Logitech G604 Wireless

When you designate these skillsets to different thumb buttons, you can focus more on what is going on in the game. You want have to keep on scrolling the entire keyboard over and over aging waiting for the perfect time to let your skills loose. With the mouse’s thumb buttons, you can assign the six to eight skills your most fond of to individual thumb buttons which then leaves your other hand free so that it can handle more situational techniques and moves, like stuns and interrupts

In real-time strategy games, say like Age of Mythology

M65 Elite

An FPS-centric gaming mouse will, obviously, be judged by how well it performs in first-person-shooter games. One such game title is Destiny 2. Fortunately, the M65 by Corsair provides users with very smooth and fluid all-around experiences when used to play games like this. Its thumb-grip allows you to easily adjust it to the position you need to be when aiming and further accuracy and precision is awarded to you by the device’s sniper button function. Okay, you palm might sweat a lot more than you’d expect it to, however, the sweat you’ll produce won’t be enough to make you loosen you grip on the mouse.

Corsair M65 Wired

In general, it really doesn’t matter which game or which genre you’re playing because this mouse will give you a similar performance across all your gaming, whether it climbing ravines in Tomb Raider, taking down enemy legions in World of Warcraft or taking sharp corners in StarCraft: Remastered. You might not have access to any special features which will give you the ability to improve gameplay in certain games, like other gaming mice do, but it’s still a comfortable, accurate and precise mouse that you can use for almost anything.



The most noticeable difference between Logitech’s G602 and G604 mouse is that the latter has two types of connectivity; which are USB dongle and Bluetooth. But that’s not all. It has a dedicated button that allows users to quickly switch between this two functions. What we’re basically saying here is that, you can connect it to your console via its USB dongle and then quickly switch to the device’s Bluetooth mode for mobile devices and laptops. Oh, and if you’re using it on Bluetooth mode, know that you’ll have longer battery life.

Logitech G604 Wireless

The G604 mouse is also powered by Logitech’s G Hub program, which is still a very robust piece of software. Though, seeing as how this mouse lacks RGB settings, most of the options you can take advantage of will mostly involve you programming keys and DPI settings. The mouse itself has many useful buttons, including the Logitech G-Shift function which allows you to access a secondary series of device commands. This will mean that you’ll have about six to eight extra buttons, depending on what type of gamer you are.

The biggest disadvantage this software has is that it makes auto-switching a little tricky. When you program certain commands for say, Final Fantasy. Sometimes you’ll find some keys not working which might lead you to get killed by imperial soldiers. This happens because the G Hub didn’t automatically switch back your settings even though the game you’re playing you manually chose. You can fix this issue, yes, but most times it’s a lesson that’ll cost you quite a lot.

Another disadvantage, though not such a big one, is that the device only uses AA batteries, and only one for that matter. On Bluetooth mode, a single battery should be able to go for around five months or so, while the USB dongle should give you about 240-hours or so. Though, it’s a bit difficult to test these claims. With that said, the battery life you get isn’t that bad really and you’ll get to use the mouse for quite a while before it goes dead. Although, it would’ve been really nice if Logitech opted for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

M65 Elite

Corsair has really improved on the software it wanted this particular gaming mouse to use. This mouse is powered by Corsair’s proprietary software technology the Utility Engine, or iCUE. This highly-nuanced, robust and deeply programmed software will allow you to do so many things with this device. The company has also simultaneously implemented several new amateur-friendly features which will give you the ability to quickly reprogram buttons or a set of colors and then allow you to continue with gaming without a hitch.

Corsair M65 Wired

The iCUe software allows users to adjust their device’s RGB settings, reprogram buttons, set DPI sensitivity levels and so on and so forth. Although, while you might be forced to invest a lot more of your time trying to full understand how this particular software works, when you’re done doing this you’ll have a wide array of options at your disposal you can play around with. In addition to the mouse’s simple customization options, you can also keep an eye on CPU temp, DPI sensitivity levels, fan speed and the like using the iCUE’s Dashboard feature. There are so many advantages that come with using a device that has both been designed and manufactured by an organization that’s world-renowned for the incredible parts and components they put inside their products.

That being said, we can’t stress enough how cool Corsair’s Utility Engine software is. It allows you to do so many things you never thought were possible in a gaming mouse, especially one that has RGB lighting. Keep in mind, though, you’ll have to invest quite some time learning the ropes. If you’ve got some time to spare, why not knock yourself out. In StarCraft, you can set your color gradients to cycle between dark-blue, light-blue and purple over half a minute intervals. You cans also adjust brightness and effects if you want, as well as come up with more ambitious patterns too. Furthermore, syncing it to other Corsair peripherals will open up a whole lot more for you as well.


Since they were introduced in around 2014, gaming mice have come a very long way, and so has Logitech’s G600 line. This Logitech gaming peripheral is a good-looking entry-point gaming mouse which has a stylish overall design and all the buttons you’ll ever need. Yes, it cost quite a bit (considering its predecessor the Logitech G602 cost around eighty dollars on its release date), and being forced to use AA batteries is not something you’d expect to get from a top-tier premium gaming mouse, but, this Logitech mouse was basically intended to be a gaming peripheral that hardcore MMO gamers could rely on whole-heartedly. And the company certainly delivered in full-force on this premise

As far as gaming mice designed for MMO play are concerned, the Razer Naga is still the top dog. There not many gaming mice out there that can outperform this beast of a gaming peripheral. I mean, not only does it feature swappable side panels but it also has RGB light settings as well. However, it’s a wired mouse which means it should be compared more with the other mouse we’ve reviewed in this article. So, if wireless connectivity is very important to you then you should definitely be strongly considering the G604 by Logitech. And if you have no problem breaking the bank a bit, you should certainly go for it.

One the other hand, if you’re okay with a wired gaming mouse and are working with limited funds then the Corsair product might be more your speed. Besides, wouldn’t you want to tune the mouse’s weight accordingly? If you’re a hardcore FPS gamer, we know how useful this feature can be for you. This mouse gives you chance to have quicker movement on the FPS battle scene. With the device’s reliable Omron switch functions, 180,000 DPI sensitivity sensor and sniper button, there’s not a lot that you’ll be missing out on. You still can have your cake and eat it too.

With superior software capabilities, RGB illumination and tunable weights, this cheaper Corsair option really gives the Logitech mouse a run for its money. Okay, the weights are a little cumbersome to use but at least there’s still that option. Anyway, as much as the G604 sligtly edges out the M65 Elite, it still gets a 2 thumbs up and it’s very much worth every penny.

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