Microsoft Sculpt vs Surface Ergonomic

The Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop is designed using excellent ergonomic concepts, including a split keyboard layout that keeps wrists and forearms relaxed and a cushioned palm rest for wrist support. Microsoft Surface is a line of touchscreen-based personal computers, tablets, and interactive whiteboards produced by Microsoft, the majority of which run the Windows operating system. These are intended to be high-end gadgets that set the standard for makers of other Windows-compatible goods.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic

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  • Encourages proper posture
  • Modular number pad design
  • One USB dongle connects the entire bundle
  • Comfortable, high-quality ergonomic design
  • Easy setup process
  • Excellent battery life
  • Wireless Easy to clean
  • Split keyboards are an acquired taste
  • Setup takes up a lot of desktop real estate
  • Some users will lament the glossy shell on the mouse that attracts sticky fingers and fingerprints
  • Some media keys don’t work consistently
  • USB Adapter sticks out too far
  • Can’t wake PC in sleep mode
  • No backlighting
  • Specifications
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic
  • Microsoft Surface Ergonomic
Key Specs
Lighting Type: None None
Adjustable Weight System: No -
Form Factor: Ergonomic, Full-size Ergonomic, Full-size
Key Switch Behavior: Linear Linear
Wireless: Yes Yes
Numeric Keypad: Yes Yes
Touchpad: No No
Keyboard Type: Keypad Keypad
Palm Rest: Yes Yes
Spill Resistant: No No
Keyboard Features: Split keyset design, Ergonomic Ergonomic design with unique palm rest, naturally arched shape to protect from strain, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, Surface compatibility
Form Factor: Ergonomic, Full-size Ergonomic, Full-size
Number Of Keys: 104 104
Dedicated Macro Keys: No No
Key Switch Behavior: Linear Linear
Multimedia Keys: Yes Yes
Internet Keys: No Yes
Product Height: 10.98 inches 1.36 inches
Product Width: 2.64 inches 9.02 inches
Product Weight: 28.8 ounces 35.68 ounces
Operating System Compatibility: Windows Windows
Plug and Play Operation: Yes Yes
System Requirements: Windows 7 or 8; 150MB available hard drive space; USB port Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8; Microsoft Windows 10 phone; Mac OS 10.10.5/ 10.11.1/10.11.4; Android 4.4.2-5.0; iOS 9/iOS 8

Welcome to a quick, simple yet in depth comparison between Microsoft Sculpt vs Surface.


Microsoft Sculpt

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is quite large because the wrist rest is built in and not removable. The NumPad is a standalone component that can be placed wherever you like. Also the keyboard includes an incline riser that attaches magnetically and dramatically raises the keyboard’s height. Microsoft recommends using the incline riser for maximum ergonomic alignment, but the keyboard can be used without it. The build quality is adequate. It’s mainly constructed of plastic, yet the overall construction seems solid, and the keyboard doesn’t flex. The wrist rest is padded with a dense foam-like material that began peeling off at the corner of our device, but your results may vary.

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The incline riser is also made of plastic, and it feels notably cheaper because it could fracture if dropped. The keycaps are somewhat textured, and the key legends are pad-printed, which might chip or fade with time. The ergonomics of the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard are fantastic. Microsoft recommends using an incline riser to create a reverse incline, preventing the wrists from bending downwards and putting less pressure on the wrists. The keyboard also has a ‘dome’ shape, which aids in preventing forearm pronation. Unfortunately, there is just one incline setting available. The foam-like material of the wrist rest feels a little firm and isn’t as comfy as the one found on the Logitech ERGO K860. Backlighting is not available on the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard.

Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard is a full-size keyboard with a substantial footprint. The build quality is excellent. It has an aluminum top and a plastic bottom. The keyboard has a slight bend to it, but it should be durable in the long term. It’s light, and the battery cover is magnetically attached. The ergonomics are satisfactory. The keyboard has a low profile, much like the Apple Magic Keyboard 2017. Because of the battery compartment, it has an incline that is not adjustable. It does not include a wrist rest, but because it is a low-profile keyboard, you should not require one. The Surface Keyboard lacks backlighting. Buy Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard (3RA-00022) Online at  Low Prices in India | Microsoft Reviews & Ratings


Microsoft Sculpt

This is a wireless keyboard that operates on disposable batteries and does not include a cable. The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard can only be used with the wireless USB receiver that comes with it. The keyboard requires two AAA batteries, which are provided in the package. This keyboard was initially meant for use with Windows 8, and we had some difficulty getting it to operate on one computer while it worked perfectly on another, despite the fact that both PCs had Windows 10 installed.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review: A Great Value

The media control keys on the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard are shared with the function keys. A physical switch in the top right corner of the keyboard allows you to select which function should be the default. The Numpad is a separate element that comes with the keyboard and can be placed wherever it is most convenient for you. While macros can be programmed on this keyboard, they can only be assigned to six keys: F2, F3, F4, F9, Scroll Lock, and the Calculator button.

Microsoft Surface

This is a wireless keyboard that cannot be wired. The Surface Keyboard is a Bluetooth wireless keyboard that runs on throwaway AAA batteries. The battery life is promised to last up to 12 months, although we do not test for this. The media control keys on the keyboard are shared with the function keys. By default, the keys are set to media control, and you must use the ‘fn’ key to access the function keys. There are additional shortcuts to Windows settings, the calculator, brightness, task view, and notifications.

A review of the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic keyboard – The Sweet Setup


Microsoft Sculpt

Scissor switches are used on the MicrosoftSculpt Ergonomic Keyboard. These switches need a bit more energy to push through the tactile bump, and the short pre-travel distance may result in a few more typos if you’re not used to them. However, due to a connectivity fault that causes the keyboard to die down after 60 seconds of inactivity, the keystrokes graph displayed here does not accurately depict the overall feel of the keyboard. The test results only reflect the keystroke sensation of a single key, not the average of eight separate keys.

The graph, however, indicates a typical pattern of behavior for a standard scissor switch, so you can anticipate them to operate similarly to the scissor switches on other keyboards, such as the Logitech ERGO K860, albeit with a somewhat higher pre-travel distance.

This keyboard has good typing quality. It takes a little time to become used to the keyboard’s layout, so that you may notice more typos at first. The keys are a little mushy, and the key spacing is a little tighter than on the Logitech ERGO K860.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review -

The typing noise on this keyboard is very quiet and should not be an issue in a quiet office environment. Our keyboard would not stay powered on long enough to run the latency testing due to damage. As a result, there are no latency test results. However, because this is an office keyboard that only connects via a USB receiver, you may expect the latency to be too high for gaming but enough for leisure use and work duties.

Microsoft Surface

Scissor switches are used on the Surface Keyboard. They require extreme actuation power to overcome the tactile hump, but once there, the overall sensation is mild. Its pre-travel distance is relatively short, making the keyboard feel highly responsive. The typing quality is excellent. It has a similar feel to the Apple Magic Keyboard 2017, but with a somewhat longer travel distance. The keys are well-spaced, which improves typing accuracy, and despite the significant tactile bump, typing feels light. The keys are sensitive and stable and should not create fatigue over time. Typing noise is quiet and should not irritate coworkers in a quiet office atmosphere.


Microsoft Sculpt

Talking about Microsoft Sculpt vs Surface, the software support for the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic is inadequate. The Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center allows you to program macros to function keys, and profiles are kept in each application. Unfortunately, there is no onboard memory or cloud sync option, so if you need to transfer the software to another computer, you must reinstall it. This keyboard is reasonably compatible. It is perfectly functional on Windows, but shortcuts do not work on Linux. Scroll Lock, Pause/Break, calculator, shortcuts, and hotkeys do not operate on macOS. Only Windows users can use the Mouse and Keyboard Center software.

Microsoft Surface

This keyboard does not come with any customization software. This keyboard is highly compatible. Except for shortcuts, the keyboard works fully in Windows, and most keys work in Linux. Shortcuts, Pause/Break, and Print Screen do not operate on macOS. Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Context key, calculator, and most shortcuts do not work on iOS, iPadOS, or Android mobile devices.


Microsoft Sculpt

For gaming, the Microsoft Sculpt is adequate. The scissor switches are mushy and unresponsive, and the pad-printed key legends fade rapidly if you use the duplicate keys all the time. The keyboard lacks backlighting for dark room gaming and has no dedicated macro buttons for MMO games. The Microsoft Sculpt is ideal for usage in the office. Its ergonomic shape allows you to type all day without becoming tired. The split keyboard design, on the other hand, takes some getting used to, and some people may find the keys a little mushy. The typing noise is relatively low and should not irritate your coworkers. The general build quality of the keyboard is good. However, the pad-printed key legends may fade over time.

Microsoft Sculpt vs Surface

Microsoft Surface

Between Microsoft Sculpt vs Surface, the Microsoft Surface Keyboard is a mediocre gaming keyboard. Although it feels light and responsive, it lacks programmable keys and cannot be used to set macros for MMO games due to a lack of software support. It also lacks backlighting for people who prefer to play in a dark environment. The Microsoft Surface Keyboard is an excellent business keyboard. Its low profile is comfortable even without a wrist rest, giving an excellent typing experience while minimizing noise. It functions on Windows, but some keys are not on macOS or Linux. For programming, the Microsoft Surface Keyboard is adequate. Its scissor switches are light and comfortable to type on. However, the keyboard lacks programmable keys and cannot be altered. It has a high build quality and should survive for many years; however, some keys do not operate on Linux or macOS.


Our goal was to find the best between Microsoft Sculpt vs Surface. The Microsoft Surface Keyboard and the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard are diametrically opposed keyboards. The Sculpt is an ergonomic type of keyboard with a specific function, whereas the Surface is a sleek minimalistic keyboard. The Surface offers a higher build quality and a better typing experience, while the Sculpt Ergonomic is more comfortable and provides software support, something the Surface does not have.

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